NFL Football- Houston Texans vs New England Patriots


Second game of the preseason and the Houston Texans are taking on the defending Super Bowl Champion New England Patriots at NRG Stadium.

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Early in this matchup it was apparent the addition to the Texans of Bruce Ellington at Wide Receiver was much needed.   


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Between Miller, Blue, Ervin, Freeman, we have many options at the running back position with positives with each athlete. 

During the first scoring drive, Tom Savage completed seven straight passes finishing up with a 2 yard pass to #11 Jalen Strong . 

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While Brian Cushing was involved in the 1st half, his explosiveness to the ball showed no signs of slowing down with another season ahead. 

After the 2nd quarter timeout, Coach Belichick and Tom Brady pulled a play from their championship award winning playbook that found a soft spot in the middle of the Texans Defense to give the score to #34 Rex Burkhead. 

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#12 Bruce Ellington in his 1st game as a Houston Texans finished his time with 4 receptions fr 93 yards in the 1st half alone. 

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During the 3rd quarter, after a lull in the action, D’Onta Foreman woke up NRG Stadium with a 63 yard run.  Quote me on this, D’Onta Freeman is the future of the Houston Texans Franchise along with Deshaun Watson. 

With Watson’s 2 yard touchdown run, the momentum pendulum swung back to the Houston Texans. 


Tony Washington Jr. laid the wood on the Patriots QB and put the offense back on the field, this time lead by Brandon Weeden. 

 20170819 Patriots vs Texans_0173

Final Thoughts 

Overall, great leadership by all three quarterbacks.  Each aspect of the game was positive for the Texans including Offense, Defense, and Special Teams. 

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#4 Rookie Quarterback Deshaun Watson showed he is very comfortable than the prior week against the Carolina Panthers, especially while in the pocket and running the ball.  It will take time to evolve, but when he does, he will have the potential to be a elite quarterback in the NFL.  The offensive line is still taking bumps and have given the QB time to get looks and passes off and making holes for the ball to be rushed though for 82 yards.
D’Onta Foreman had a incredible game capping the momentum shift from the interception by #22 Denzel Rice.  He currently has the Houston Texans Record of the longest rush (41 yards) & reception (63 yards) 

If the defense can stay healthy, the Houston Texans Defense will be deadly in the AFC South and the NFL. 

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